M & S LOGISTICS LTD. – Exclusive agent in Brazil.

Logistics provider for import and export of bulk liquid products in isotanks.

Personalized service in Brazil and abroad through the global coverage of M & S Logistics Ltd., with monitoring of operations from the provision of Isotank for loading, maritime, land transportation and documentation.

  • Rental of isotanks
  • Maritime Shipping freight
  • Road freight
  • Operations door-to-door or to pier shipments
  • Global coverage
  • M&S Logistics Ltd. certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SQAS and CDI (CEFIC).

Link: www.mslogisticsltd.com

Walnut Industries Inc. – Exclusive agent in Brazil.

Ty-Gard 2000® is the most versatile securement system in the marketplace today. Ty-Gard’s flexible restraint system is designed to protect your valuable products in transit without damaging your packaging or equipment.

Ty-Gard is approved to secure Drums, FIBCs, IBC’s and various types of Palletized and loose cargo.

Prevent damage, meet dangerous goods regulations, minimize injury, liability, and reduce securing costs with Ty-Gard 2000®.

Tested and Approved to secure dangerous goods and general cargo by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) and the BOE. Ty-Gard 2000® also meets the cargo securement guidelines stipulated by IMDG, FMCSA, USCG, RID, ADR & DOT.

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Logistics projects and operations in the domestic market, import and distribution, export with covering of modals and transport equipment. It operates in all its stages, from diagnosis to implementation, performance and measuring results.

  • Specific Requirements for Products, Customers and Market Segments
  • Legal Aspects, Tax and Customs
  • HSE aspects – Health, Safety and Environment
  • Service Levels
  • Design of Operations and Alternative Models
  • Strategic Assessment
  • Logistics Providers Qualification
  • Projected Costs
  • Operational Procedures, Quality Assurance and HSE – Security Distribution
  • Payment Processing
  • Contracts
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • Performance – development of indicators and monitoring results (proactive-reactive, cost, productivity, quality, HSE, specifics to the Project)
  • Fourth Party Logistics – 4PL
  • Distribution Safety Management
  • Safety, Health and Environment applied to logistics
  • Audits
  • Inspections
  • Development and Implementation of Procedures
  • Development and Implementation of KPI’s (reactive – proactive)
  • Trainings
  • Incident Investigation
  • Supplier Approval
  • Processes management
  • Risk Management (Safety)