APTALOG was created by its chief executive, Evandro Correa, with the purpose of offering to the market his knowledge and experience in Brazilian and international logistics in hazardous goods, chemicals and project cargo, developed over 20 years working in large companies.

Shippers and Logistic Services Providers are constantly challenged by new projects and logistics operations, and to develop specific expertise to the logistics of new customers, market segments and products.

Teams logistics are sized and fit to current demands, on several occasions are totally absorbed, contributing to projects and logistics operations in various stages of development are committed to their implementation deadlines, quality, costs or even canceled.

APTALOG acts as an extension and complement to the organizational structure and logistics intelligence of their Customers, since the development to the implementation and monitoring of results of logistic projects, or advising on specific operations.

Evandro Correa - Managing Owner
  • Over 20 years of experience in logistics, working in large Brazilian and multinational companies, such as fuel distributor, road transporter, chemical and petrochemical industry.
  • Experience in logistics and purchasing of logistics services in the Brazilian and international markets.
  • Interaction in class associations of Brazilian and Latin America Chemical Industries and Food Industries on issues related to Logistics.
  • Master in Business Administration for Chemical Industry – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro / UFRJ.
  • Specialization in Production Engineering – State University of Campinas / UNICAMP.
  • Graduate in Mechanical Engineering – Catholic University of Minas Gerais State / PUC-MG.
  • Supply Chain Management: Driving Strategic Advanced – MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Logistics Business for Senior Executives – UFRJ-COPPEAD/Michigan State University.
  • Logistics Business – USP State University of Sao Paulo.